E55 – Mummy

Announcing our new stuff, Dan has trouble with the most basic human interactions, Adam is not of this earth, Egypt was sandy and a lot of other things that you wanted to know about Mummies, and then we discuss the genesis of life, really small brain hard drives and then the show ends.
Tracks in this episode:

Robot Motivation – Polish Ambassador
Hell’s Getting Hotter – THING SLOTH
From All I Got, a sweet mix by NazTN8 – Listen on Mixcrate

E53 – Hack

iPad Air, some observance on modern crime, the economy explained (Gold is useful), Tech Recycling, The Sony Hack, we don’t have to drown for much longer.

Tracks in this episode:

Young Buffalo – My Place

St. Paul and The Broken Bones – Pocket Change – Go listen to Broken Bones absolutely awesome Gospel soaked Soul music

Danger Run – Painting the Prototype

E52 – The Future: 2015

We all had a year, and now it’s another year. Getting old, Vampires, baby mice, with special guest Neighbor Jenny!



Tracks –
Mantiis – BEAR (Basick Records) http://music.basickrecords.com/album/basick-sampler-2014

Walk Under – Sky City (Starlight Years)

Blame it on The Rain – Colt Peacemaker Band