E35 – Double Super Specicode

Hi Gang!
We have a full hour of blabbering this week as a token of our complete admiration and love for you, our audience. This week we tie up loose ends from the show, REALLY fix the world this time, and reveal some the rules for our favorite new game.



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E34 – Cosmonauts and Trying, I Guess

Hello hello hello!
In this episode Adam and I had just finished doing the Ooh La La Curiosity Market in Prichard Park, and we talk about it. Plus other goodies! And technical problems! And aliens!

Tracks in this episode -
Hurtin’ – FuckEmos
yay – Manoir de Maniaque
She’s Losin’ It – Belle and Sebastian (live in a radio studio)

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E33 – The Game of Thrones Season 4 Major Spoiler Thing

This week Adam and I and special guest Nate get nerdy about Game of Thrones Season 4. Evil Em is here too but doesn’t want to talk to us.

SPOILER WARNING – this episode contains major spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 4 and probably all the seasons before that. You’ve been warned.

Music on this episode consists of pieces of an awesome joint-mix by NazT N8 and Evil Em (the guests, dummy)

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