E50 – Stream

Hello – This is our GOLDEN episode recorded live and uncut. This was originally streamed on YouTube, and we complain a lot about the quality of my connection, but the stream really isn’t that bad to watch. If you want to see that it’s available here:


It’s a long one. Hope you enjoy it.

Tracks –

Ridin’ Solo – Dynamo
I Wanna Date Your Hair – Lenoir Swingers Club
Sunshine – Tasha Yar
Somewhere in Time – Raygunomics



Full of metallic goodness (potassium is a metal), Adam’s hair is a monster, Dan rolls the dice on death (minor spoilers for Walking Dead Season 4 but not really), and everyone turns into giant winged creatures with human faces at the end and we fly away.

Heart on Your Sleeve – Motorhead
Destroy the Orcs – Three Inches of Blood
Do ya Wanna Dance – Fuckemos

Submit your music to @jiwicky and I’ll play it on the show! Blaaaaow!